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Enhance accessibility by adding extended keyboard shortcuts. Navigate the calendar with arrows, toggle sidebar, quick refresh and more.
Custom Workflows

This plug and play extension requires no modification, and allows you to add the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Previous Date (Left Arrow)
  • Next Date (Right Arrow)
  • Go To Today (T)
  • Refresh Calendar (R)
  • Toggle Sidebar (S)
  • Open Filters Menu (F)
  • Show Bookmarks List (B)
  • Toggles Unscheduled Sidebar (U)
  • Show Keyboard Shortuts (?)
  • Undo Last Edit (Shift+Z)

You can change the keys to suit your workflow. If you forget a shortcut, simply press Shift+? to get a list.

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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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