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When you create a new event, this action will automatically assign the new event's resource to the currently logged in user.
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When a new event is created, you’d like the current user to be assigned as the event’s resource. Note that resources are arrays (like statuses) so the value assigned to a resource must be in brackets, like [‘some string’] or, as in this example, [seedcodeCalendar.get(‘config’).accountName]

Easy Copy & Paste Install

Simply copy and paste this as a new On Event Create event action:


Trigger   On Event Create
//Add's the creator as a resource to new events

Initialize(editEvent, seedcodeCalendar);

function Initialize(editEvent, seedcodeCalendar) {
  editEvent.resource = [seedcodeCalendar.get('config').accountName];
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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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