19 Oct 2020

Automatic Resource Filtering

DayBack is designed to be customized, and you can transform both the way it behaves and the way it looks. KC Embrey’s latest customization adds a new button to automate resource filters. You might need this if you have many resources (people, equipment, or rooms) and want to see…

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17 Oct 2020

DayBack and Calendly DayBack can push events from other calendars to Google, so these events block out your availability in Calendly. DayBack and Calendly both use Google calendars as data sources, which allows DayBack users to maintain their Calendly availability directly in DayBack. Using some Custom Event Actions, DayBack users can…

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15 Oct 2020

Calendars tell stories about our future–both where we need to be at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and what we should be working on over the next year. And they tell stories about our past: how we got here and what we intended to be working on. We’ve put together a…

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20 Sep 2020

The latest update to DayBack improves charting options when scheduling resources. On the Pivot-List view, you’ll now find an option to combine all the resource activities into a single curve when plotting activity against a threshold. This means it’s now easier to chart a team’s performance, instead of just…

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19 Jul 2020
System Building in Calendars

Feeling incredibly behind lately, I was telling a friend that I wanted to take a couple weeks to set aside the distractions and work hard to catch up. She gave me some excellent advice. She said that sounded good, as long as I spent that time building systems, instead…

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16 Jul 2020

I asked him what he used his freedom for since he defended it so assiduously.

- Rachel Cusk -
03 Jul 2020

Default Bookmarks

Snap to a favorite view when DayBack first opens Bookmarks let you save the clearest views of your schedule. Now you can open the calendar directly to one of your bookmarks. To set up a default bookmark, create a custom action using the On Sources Fetched trigger. Leave the…

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09 Jun 2020

Every empire must fall, including the one I have made of myself.

- Phillip B. Williams -
10 May 2020
Timezone Support Salesforce Calendar

DayBack now lets you work with your schedule in a different timezone. The calendar has always respected timezones in those calendars that support it (Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Office 365). But this enhanced timezone support is great if you’re scheduling for folks in other cities: nobody wants to do…

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23 Mar 2020
Resource Scheduling

Your calendar’s latest power-up: now select multiple events and reschedule them all at once. Here’s how it works…  Multiple-selection makes it easier to reschedule whole projects and to shift your plans from one day to another. Do More • Drag events to reschedule them or to change their…

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