06 Jan 2021
Time Management

DayBack’s John Sindelar joins Josh Freeman to talk about time, calendars, and working from home. You have to be selfish to get your work done. Artists know this. If you have a doctor’s appointment and someone calls and asks for 5 minutes of your time, you’re fine saying, “I…

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05 Dec 2020

White space is good for calendars, not just graphic design. (Blank space on your calendar is your schedule's shock-absorber.)

- SeedCode -
13 Nov 2020

It can be hard to get started, even when you’ve blocked out time to work. Get a rolling start by reading through your last few pages of work to remind you what was engaging you then.⁠ And be sure you’re setting an end-time for your work. This means you…

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15 Oct 2020

Calendars tell stories about our future–both where we need to be at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and what we should be working on over the next year. And they tell stories about our past: how we got here and what we intended to be working on. We’ve put together a…

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19 Jul 2020
System Building in Calendars

Feeling incredibly behind lately, I was telling a friend that I wanted to take a couple weeks to set aside the distractions and work hard to catch up. She gave me some excellent advice. She said that sounded good, as long as I spent that time building systems, instead…

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24 Feb 2020

"To know a place, like a friend or lover, is for it to become familiar; to know it better is for it to become strange again." From Savage Dreams. (So it is with our days. Looking closer, our time is more expansive and stranger than we thought.)

- Rebecca Solnit -
27 Nov 2019
Time Shame - Your schedule is a Road Trip

Shame Isn’t a Signal to Cram More Into Your Schedule Why aren’t I working on this project? Why aren’t I doing more writing, getting up earlier, chipping away at this backlog of work that I know is essential? I don’t really know. But I do know that I’m ashamed…

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02 Aug 2019

Deadlines sneak up on us because we’re always focused just a week ahead of time. Our tools don’t help since most calendars keep deadlines off-screen until it’s too late. We need a calendar that can easily zoom out from your daily work to scan your horizon of deadlines, goals, and…

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26 Aug 2018

The Henry in Seattle is showing Mungo Thomson’s Composition for 52 Keys in the first gallery as you walk in. It’s beautiful to see the piano alone in the room, and somewhat spooky to see the keys fall by themselves. Thomson’s Composition for 52 Keys will not run through all…

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14 Aug 2018

The calendar we need is not an almanac or a poster. It’s a game. Move the pieces of your day and see the consequences of your decisions. "...Not a Poster" on Medium

- John Sindelar -