06 Jan 2021
Time Management

DayBack’s John Sindelar joins Josh Freeman to talk about time, calendars, and working from home. You have to be selfish to get your work done. Artists know this. If you have a doctor’s appointment and someone calls and asks for 5 minutes of your time, you’re fine saying, “I…

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05 Dec 2020

White space is good for calendars, not just graphic design. (Blank space on your calendar is your schedule's shock-absorber.)

- SeedCode -
27 Nov 2019
Time Shame - Your schedule is a Road Trip

Shame Isn’t a Signal to Cram More Into Your Schedule Why aren’t I working on this project? Why aren’t I doing more writing, getting up earlier, chipping away at this backlog of work that I know is essential? I don’t really know. But I do know that I’m ashamed…

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28 May 2018

Defend Your Time

SeedCode’s KC Embrey has been getting more blogging done recently and told me about how he’s found time for his creative work. Like many of us, KC’s work is a mix of reactive stuff (supporting customers, squashing bugs) and proactive work like blogging. He says that he used to keep working…

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07 Dec 2017

proprioception. (prō’prē-ō-sěp’shən) noun, Physiology. The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. We have an innate need to know where we are in relation to objects around us. “Proprioception” is the sense we have of how far our knee is from the…

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26 Apr 2017

Defend the time you need to get your work done When I put a deadline on my calendar, it often seems far off in the future, with lots of time to get everything done. But as the deadline gets closer I wonder where all the time went. Regardless of my intention to make incremental…

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27 Jul 2016
Lauren Fleshman

I read somewhere that “Americans have a hard time closing doors” and it rang true to me as someone who was always intending to get back to stuff. Gonna start training again, gonna get the printing studio running again. I pictured every American man with a rusting muscle car under…

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02 Jan 2015

Do Less

Perceived vs Actual Freedom The problem we’re all wresting with can be stated in many ways… “I’m too busy” “I don’t have time” “I’m making commitments I can’t keep” …but another way to think about the problem may be the difference between our “perceived” freedom and our actual freedom….

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30 Dec 2014

Like a crazy hoarder I mistake the root cause of my growing mountain of incomplete work. The hoarder thinks he has a storage problem when he really has a ‘throwing things away problem’. I say I am ‘time poor’ as if the problem is that poor me is given only 24 hours in a day. It’s more accurate to say… what exactly?  (source)

- Jeff Atwood -
13 Aug 2013


Reminded today that deciding to do one thing is deciding not to do something else–that the root of the word “decide” is to “cut off”. As a small business, the opportunity costs for even your best decisions are huge: the best gig you’ve got is another customer you didn’t…

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