15 Oct 2020

Calendars Tell Stories

Calendars tell stories about our future–both where we need to be at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and what we should be working on over the next year. And they tell stories about our past: how we got here and what we intended to be working on.

We’ve put together a series of timelines about the 2020 election in the United States to help put that story in context. Here’s a short introduction:

These timelines also show off some of the storytelling features we’ve been adding to DayBack over the past few months. Analytics is already live for all calendars, and things like images and playback are available to Google Sheets calendars now but will be coming to all calendar sources after the election so that you can more easily tell your own stories in DayBack.

Because we’re all searching for the stories that can guide our decisions: stories about our capacity, priorities, and velocity.

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