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History Doesn’t Repeat; It Rhymes

September 2019 – We may soon be looking for a full-time or part-time writer to create timelines for DayBack Calendar: timelines like the history of flight, or the history of women’s suffrage. Timelines would combine editorial, opinionated content with raw dates and images. We’re looking for someone who can find the coincidences, juxtapositions, and poetry in this material. The person we’re looking for might have a background in library science, academic writing, or cultural criticism. If this sounds like you, it’s early, but please get in touch.

General information

Location: We’re an all-remote company, so you’ll be working at your own place, but in close contact with our team over the phone, video, Slack, and in-person when it works out. We prefer folks in states where we have other employees, meaning WA, OR, CA, CO, and NY, but we’re open to expanding that for the right candidates. We are committed to building a more diverse and inclusive company.

Benefits: SeedCode offers full-time employees a 401k with employer match, a health plan with 100% employee coverage and a contribution towards covering additional family members, a generous paid vacation plan, maternity/paternity leave, and developers receive a yearly allowance for augmenting their own gear. We’ll help you carve out time for volunteering and/or contributing to open-source projects, even if they’re not directly on mission for DayBack.

Mission: What we’re trying to accomplish: our mission. And the problem we’re trying to solve: your calendar is a horror movie.