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We’re building things in JavaScript, FileMaker, and Salesforce. And we’re helping our customers take back their day. If you can get behind that, we're hiring.

Open Positions

Beginning to Intermediate FileMaker Developer

The work

SeedCode is seeking to hire a beginning to intermediate FileMaker developer who is passionate about helping customers solve their business challenges through FileMaker. You will be working on several projects at any given time, and each one will be totally unique, so you should be comfortable interacting with customers, asking questions, and be flexible in your approach to database design and structure.

We ask that you have excellent communication skills, a sense of curiosity, and keen attention to detail. Oftentimes you’ll be following established patterns within the customers’ app. Sometimes you’ll be inventing new patterns. Having pride in your craftsmanship whether you’re following or inventing is key. You will be continually pushing your boundaries of growth, with support from the team, on projects that may involve integrating API’s, advanced FileMaker techniques, CSS, and JavaScript. As you gain experience and confidence, you will become responsible for the entirety of your projects, so organization, tracking, and self-management are key to long-term success.

You don’t have to be familiar with our products to get you up and running quickly–but many of our customers use SeedCode Complete as a platform for their work, and you can find more information about that here: SeedCode Complete.

What’s a beginning to intermediate FileMaker developer?

You’ve worked on FileMaker projects before, and have looked at different data models such as Anchor-Buoy and Selector-Connector. You can fit into an existing team and contribute right away, but you’re looking for mentoring and additional training. You look forward to eventually mentoring junior developers yourself.  You can work in someone else’s code and extend their patterns without having to reinvent everything in a pattern you’re comfortable with. You have an interest and goal of becoming a Certified FileMaker Developer.

Salary range

$40K -$50K to start.

How to apply

Please send a note, your resume, and a writing sample (below) to [email protected] along with any questions you may have.

Samples of your work

FileMaker sample: We’d love to see some of your work, your side project, or whatever best represents where you’re at with FileMaker.

Writing sample: Communication (and empathy) are the keys to building great tech. So we want to know that you can write well. If you’re blogging, just send us a recent post you like. Otherwise, please send us a paragraph or two about some issue on which you’ve picked a side. This doesn’t have to be something you’re passionate about and it needn’t be political. It could even be a coding issue or some mundane item you’ve changed your mind about. We find that we’re often laying out the pros and cons of competing approaches to our customers or team members, so we’d like your writing sample to do that for us: pick any topic you’d like, and help us decide between two options.

Hiring Process

1. Send us an email with your resume, FileMaker sample and writing sample described above.
2. Phone call with the CEO: non-technical, getting to know each other and seeing if this could be a fit.
3. (2) Video chats with CEO and members of the team, talking about your experiences with FileMaker, and everyone’s goals. Technical, but no coding.
4. Take-home coding challenge to work on a small FileMaker project. Questions encouraged.
5. Video chat to discuss the challenge. Call references and do a background check.
6. Offer extended
7. Join the SeedCode team.

General information

Location: We’re an all-remote company, so you’ll be working at your own place, but in close contact with our team over the phone, video, Slack, and in person when it works out. (Despite the current appearance of our team, we are committed to building a more diverse company.) We prefer folks in states where we have other employees, meaning WA, OR, and CO, but we’re open to expanding that for the right candidates.

Benefits: SeedCode offers full-time employees a 401k with employer match, a health plan with 100% employee coverage and a contribution towards covering additional family members, a generous paid vacation plan, maternity/paternity leave, and developers receive a yearly allowance for augmenting their own gear.

Mission: What we’re trying to accomplish: our mission. And the problem we’re trying to solve: your calendar is a horror movie.