04 Jan 2015

Your Calendar is a Horror Movie

You look at your calendar, and while you can see your appointments, you know there is something ominous just off-screen. You’re not sure exactly what it is, or when it’s gonna bite you, but you know it’s just a matter of time. That’s how most people experience their schedules: as ominous obligations soon to confront them.

But a calendar can have the opposite effect: by showing you the context of your commitments it can reassure you and make you feel safe. Freed from vigilance around your schedule you can start to make big plans.

Taking your day back means knowing where you are in time, that you’re on track, and that your schedule is in line with your priorities, not encroaching on them.[1]

That’s what we’re building. Join us.

Notes   [ + ]

1. We call this temporal proprioception;  it’s the temporal version of “social proprioception,” the need for reassurance that makes apps like Twitter and Facebook so addictive.

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