The Salesforce Calendar You’ve Been Waiting For

Resource Scheduling in Salesforce Lightning

Calendar Sharing and Calendar Sync

Publish and Share your Schedule

Easily publish and share schedules and project timelines with folks outside your organization.
The “share” menu in DayBack Calendar creates a public url matching your view: shares can include events from multiple calendars and respect your filters. What you see is exactly what gets shared.

Shared and Synced

Changes made inside DayBack Calendar are automatically synced to the share in realtime. Manual updates will sync changes made outside of DayBack (including change made in other Salesforce pages), including records that weren’t part of the original share.

Customize the calendar display

Salesforce Calendar for iPhone

Schedule Anywhere

Salesforce Mobile 1 and Lightning ready, DayBack works great on mobile devices and makes it really easy to see your events at a glance.

Full Admin Controls on Mobile

DayBack’s mobile interface has all the capabilities of the desktop version: including the same admin capabilities so you can customize the display, add new sources, and change default settings from your phone.


Salesforce Calendar Lightning

Salesforce Calendar for Lightning

Salesforce Calendar Administrator Setup

See your own schedule in DayBack Calendar for Salesforce

Install a free trial from the Salesforce App Exchange and DayBack will show your Events, Tasks, and Campaigns by default. Then follow step-by-step instructions to show more of your own objects on the calendar.

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