14 Aug 2018

Calendar Analytics

Calendar Analytics lets you measure your schedule.

Plot progress against your goals over time, balance your workload, and quickly see patterns that are invisible in traditional reports.

Availability Calendar Analytics is available in all DayBack sources, not just for Salesforce.

We’ve been using analytics internally for a few months now and are impressed with how it’s helping us make better decisions.

The most common question for us is “can we take on this new work and meet the customer’s deadline?” Analytics lets us plot our capacity on the calendar as a threshold (the orange line in the screenshot above), so it’s obvious when we’re approaching our limits versus when we have the capacity to do more.

DayBack Calendar Analytics for Salesforce

'Capacity' is what's missing on legacy calendars and what's hiding on most reports. DayBack Analytics makes it explicit. Click To Tweet


Field Service Scheduling with Calendar Analytics

Everyone is scheduling within constraints, perhaps nowhere more so than in field service where you only have so many trucks, or so many installers available to service all your customers. DayBack shines at helping you scan for gaps in your schedule so you can get the most out of limited resources. Analytics now lets you work at longer time scales, showing where you’re overscheduled, where you have opportunities, and how your revenue maps to order status over time.

Balancing Your Workload with Calendar Analytics

Agile development means delivering a lot of small features every week. The goal is to meet any deadlines you’ve shared with your customers without over-scheduling yourself. We’ll drag and reschedule items as analytics tells us to start working on some items earlier and to focus on just one item at a time for the largest deliveries.

Blocking Off Time: Measuring Your Schedule

Measuring is crucial to make sure you’ve blocked off enough time to meet your goals. In a traditional calendar, it can be tough to see how much time you have before significant deadlines. Analytics measures your plans: because you only get the outcomes you’ve planned for.

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If you’re already using DayBack, analytics comes as a free in-app update: navigate to the horizon tab and then click on the round analytics button in the lower right.

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