02 Aug 2016

Our Dev Environment – Dev Talk at Forcelandia 2016

SalesforceJust back from Portland and I am thrilled that DayBack could be one of the sponsors of the Forcelandia Salesforce conference. Tanner gave a presentation there on the development environment we use when building DayBack Calendar. We particularly like this set up because
  • The whole environment is under version control, meaning all our developers are using the same stuff (which more or less matched what’s running on our production server).
  • That makes it really easy to bring on new people or switch machines.
  • And Salesforce can hit the canvas app in our local repos (over SSL!) when we’re developing so we can see changes right away without having to push.
  • And with ngrok we can work off our local repos this way wherever we happen to be in the world: the environment and the cert aren’t bound to a developer’s IP address.
This has made our work go a lot more smoothly and I hope you find it useful. Big thanks to Tanner for setting all this up! Vagrant is the key to the setup, and links to all the other components, grunt files, and details of the environment can be found here. His slides follow for a nice introduction…

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