29 Aug 2018

Overview Having switched from GoToMeeting to Zoom, we’re having a lot more meetings with customers since Zoom makes it so easy for new users to join the meeting. That means we have a lot more meetings to schedule and we needed a way to see our existing meetings on the…

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14 Aug 2018

The calendar we need is not an almanac or a poster. It’s a game. Move the pieces of your day and see the consequences of your decisions. "...Not a Poster" on Medium

- John Sindelar -
24 Jul 2018

Analytics is coming to DayBack Calendar is here! Measure changes to your schedule and chart calendar data against your goals. You’ll be able to chart any additional fields you’ve added to the calendar. And you’ll know when the crests or troughs of your activity cross your thresholds. In the example…

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07 Sep 2017
Resource Scheduling Calendar

DayBack is all about giving you a more comprehensive view of your schedule–because you can only make plans when you know your obligations are taken care of. This new view lets you breakout a month’s schedule across all your resources. (Resources are people, rooms, equipment or processes–whatever in your…

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12 Apr 2017

Stories are currency. Stories we agree upon get passed around and create trust. Money is a story. Defending our time includes a critique of the stories we tell about money.

- John Sindelar, SeedCode -
05 Mar 2017

"What's the point of a schedule? To defend unscheduled time."

- John Sindelar, SeedCode -
17 Aug 2015

Milestones & Awards

A quick update on our progress Summer saw us launch DayBack Online with support for FileMaker as it’s first data source. This gets us ready for Google and Salesforce datasources while gives our existing FileMaker customers a deployment option in the browser–it also makes it really easy for them…

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29 Jan 2015

We’ve crossed a lot of small milestones lately and when you gather them all in one place it makes the momentum tangible. Try putting together a quick list like this for your own projects–it’s a good feeling. Since mid December, we’ve… Launched our first niche version of DayBack for our…

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