24 Feb 2020

"To know a place, like a friend or lover, is for it to become familiar; to know it better is for it to become strange again." From Savage Dreams. (So it is with our days. Looking closer, our time is more expansive and stranger than we thought.)

- Rebecca Solnit -
22 Nov 2019
Drag Resources Salesforce Calendar

The latest update to DayBack Calendar helps you organize your calendars by dragging resources (and resource folders) into the order that makes sense for you. Note that the resource columns reflect your changes and appear in the same order as your resources in the sidebar. Resources are people, trucks,…

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02 Aug 2019

Deadlines sneak up on us because we’re always focused just a week ahead of time. Our tools don’t help since most calendars keep deadlines off-screen until it’s too late. We need a calendar that can easily zoom out from your daily work to scan your horizon of deadlines, goals, and…

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05 Jun 2019

All DayBack calendar views are now available on mobile. This means you can now use resource scheduling, week, and horizon views in your favorite mobile browser, in FileMaker Go, and in Salesforce Mobile (shown below). More info on setting this up in Salesforce can be found here: Salesforce mobile…

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30 Mar 2019

Color-Coding by a Second Field Here’s a beautiful example of adding additional color-coding options and icons to DayBack Calendar. This customer wanted to retain DayBack’s default color-coding for status but add another color–shown here as the header of the event–for color-coding by resource (salesperson, in this case). They also wanted…

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24 Jan 2019

We’re about to launch a new update to DayBack that will include a new look for the sidebar. This new version introduces a ton of cool new features, but it also introduces a new look that some folks might not like. If you don’t like the black header in…

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29 Aug 2018

Overview Having switched from GoToMeeting to Zoom, we’re having a lot more meetings with customers since Zoom makes it so easy for new users to join the meeting. That means we have a lot more meetings to schedule and we needed a way to see our existing meetings on the…

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14 Aug 2018

The calendar we need is not an almanac or a poster. It’s a game. Move the pieces of your day and see the consequences of your decisions. "...Not a Poster" on Medium

- John Sindelar -
24 Jul 2018

Analytics is coming to DayBack Calendar is here! Measure changes to your schedule and chart calendar data against your goals. You’ll be able to chart any additional fields you’ve added to the calendar. And you’ll know when the crests or troughs of your activity cross your thresholds. In the example…

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07 Sep 2017
Resource Scheduling Calendar

DayBack is all about giving you a more comprehensive view of your schedule–because you can only make plans when you know your obligations are taken care of. This new view lets you breakout a month’s schedule across all your resources. (Resources are people, rooms, equipment or processes–whatever in your…

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