19 Jul 2020
System Building in Calendars

Feeling incredibly behind lately, I was telling a friend that I wanted to take a couple weeks to set aside the distractions and work hard to catch up. She gave me some excellent advice. She said that sounded good, as long as I spent that time building systems, instead…

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16 Jul 2020

I asked him what he used his freedom for since he defended it so assiduously.

- Rachel Cusk -
03 Jul 2020

Default Bookmarks

Snap to a favorite view when DayBack first opens Bookmarks let you save the clearest views of your schedule. Now you can open the calendar directly to one of your bookmarks. To set up a default bookmark, create a custom action using the On Sources Fetched trigger. Leave the…

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09 Jun 2020

Every empire must fall, including the one I have made of myself.

- Phillip B. Williams -
10 May 2020
Timezone Support Salesforce Calendar

DayBack now lets you work with your schedule in a different timezone. The calendar has always respected timezones in those calendars that support it (Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Office 365). But this enhanced timezone support is great if you’re scheduling for folks in other cities: nobody wants to do…

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23 Mar 2020
Resource Scheduling

Your calendar’s latest power-up: now select multiple events and reschedule them all at once. Here’s how it works…  Multiple-selection makes it easier to reschedule whole projects and to shift your plans from one day to another. Do More • Drag events to reschedule them or to change their…

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06 Mar 2020

By default, DayBack color-codes your events by their status: more precisely, by whatever you’ve mapped to the status field. Coloring by status makes sense since many of DayBack’s scheduling views already put events into their own columns or rows by resources. But if you’d like to add a second…

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24 Feb 2020

"To know a place, like a friend or lover, is for it to become familiar; to know it better is for it to become strange again." From Savage Dreams. (So it is with our days. Looking closer, our time is more expansive and stranger than we thought.)

- Rebecca Solnit -
22 Nov 2019
Drag Resources Salesforce Calendar

The latest update to DayBack Calendar helps you organize your calendars by dragging resources (and resource folders) into the order that makes sense for you. Note that the resource columns reflect your changes and appear in the same order as your resources in the sidebar. Resources are people, trucks,…

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02 Aug 2019

Deadlines sneak up on us because we’re always focused just a week ahead of time. Our tools don’t help since most calendars keep deadlines off-screen until it’s too late. We need a calendar that can easily zoom out from your daily work to scan your horizon of deadlines, goals, and…

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