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This is a pair of actions that a DayBack developer can use to listen for when a particular key combination is being pressed. Any of your custom event actions can be modified to perform a different set of functions when your desired key combination is being held down or pressed.
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Listen for Key Combinations

This pair of actions teaches DayBack to listen for the keys you’re holding down and then let you test for these in your custom actions. A common use case for this would be to change what happens when you click on an event if the “z” key is held down. 


Trigger   One BeforeCalendarRandered app action, and one OnEventClick event action.
Script The two actions are available here:
Options Open in new window: No  Prevent default action: Probably

Note that DayBack is already listening for the shift and option keys, and the command key is reserved by the browser, so using “regular” keys is recommended here.


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FileMaker, Google, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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