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Add custom fields to your Event popovers that change the status of the event.
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Use Users are marking an additional field named “meeting attended” when the contact on an event shows up. If they forget to mark the event closed, this action will change the status to closed when the event is saved. This action also shows how to reference additional fields by your application’s Store In Filed Name instead of their DayBack numerical ID for Calendar Actions:


// Standard way of referring to Custom Fields by numerical ID:

editEvent['1234996543210-4152637485'] = meetingAttendedFlag;

// Example function call that looks up the numerical ID by your
// application's Store in Field name:

editEvent[getFieldIdByName('meetingAttendedFlag')] = meetingAttendedFlag;
Trigger   Before Event Save
Script SetStatusOnCheckboxChecked.js
Options Open in new window: No  Prevent default action: No

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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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