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Add one or more custom buttons to your calendar. Go to specific bookmarks or run your own scripts and worflows.
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Add a Button Launcher to DayBack

Run flows and custom actions from your own menu in the calendar

Custom buttons can triggering specific workflows or toggle between views. Today we’d love to share some new code with you and introduce a powerful Custom Button feature that can deploy one or several buttons inside your calendar.

Three Display Options for Buttons

Buttons can be configured as a Single Button, as Multiple Buttons, or as a Collapsing Multi-Button Menu.

Customize Salesforce Calendar
A single button
Button Launcher
Multiple buttons
A collapsing multi-button menu

More Customization Options

In addition to how the buttons are arranged, you can also customize:

  1. Colors & icons
  2. Text labels
  3. Custom JavaScript function
  4. Show or hide buttons for a particular group of users
  5. Show or hide buttons on specific views

See it in action

Check out the various ways to configure and use the action launcher:


FileMaker, Google, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

Installation Requirements

Download and Customize

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