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Enable or disable the list of unscheduled events for specific users.
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The Unscheduled List

If you only want some users to be able to work with unscheduled items, you can turn this display of the list on and off using this action. Note that removing the list doesn’t move unscheduled items “back” to the calendar; events where unscheduled=true are still unscheduled. This action controls which users can see the list of them.

For more on unscheduled, check out the docs here: Unscheduled Items.

Or Enable for Only Named Users

Add an exclamation point directly in front of the word “disabled” in line 48 and the function will instead only enable unscheduled for the named users. If you make this change, you may want to change the heading of the function in line 1 so you remember what you did.

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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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