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Prevent changes to events which are in the past while allowing future events to be editable.
Filtering, Sorting and Permissions

You’d like to have events that start in the past be read-only, but events in the future need to be editable. 

This functionality is implemented as two acitons which should be used together.

The On Event Click action dynamically makes the pop-over read-only and the Before Save Action prevents past events from being dragged and dropped.

Easy Copy and Paste Install


Trigger   On Event Click
Script ReadOnlyPastOnClick.js
Options Open in new window: No  Prevent default action: No

Trigger   Before Event Save
Script ReadOnlyPastBeforeSave.js
Options Open in new window: No  Prevent default action: Yes

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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

Installation Requirements

Easy Install

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