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Adds enhanced resource filters to the sidebar. Filters can be set up as One-click Filter Buttons or Multi-Select dropdowns of related resource tags. App action allows the click filtering of resources based on a previously-defined set of tags.
Filtering, Sorting and Permissions Resource Scheduling

This sidebar enhancement allows you to harness the full power of Resource Tags when filtering your Calendar by Resource. If you need to schedule appointments with specific individuals based on a certain combination of skills, roles, or duties, this extension can help you identify the right resource for the job along with their schedule in just a few mouse clicks.

Resource tags allow you to define a set of skills or attributes about each of your resources. Attributes can be configured for each of your resources by hand, or they can be pulled in dynamically from Salesforce and FileMaker based on changing information about your resource’s status and availability.

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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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