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Use Resource Tags to define resource-specific skills and attributes. You can filter for Resources with a particular skill or attributes, and use these to make scheduling and workflow decisions when scheduling events.
Custom Workflows Filtering, Sorting and Permissions Resource Scheduling

Require Tags/Skills for an Event

If a field in your event lists the skills (tags) required, this action will alert you if the resource(s) you select for the event doesn’t contain all the required tags. Required tags are specified as a comma-separated list in the event, and you’ll specify which field contains the required list in the action’s configuration.

Trigger   Before Event Save
Script You can see this action at work towards the end of the video introducing resource tags. You’ll find the code for his action here: event-requires-tags.js
Options Open in new window: No  Prevent default action: Yes

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Check out our video and blog post on how to set up and use resource tags:


FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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