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Schedule GoToMeeting events right from your calendars. Adds buttons to schedule, reschedule, and start meetings. Store meeting details inside events in Salesforce, Google, or Microsoft Office.
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GoToMeeting Calendar Integration

Add GoToMeeting scheduling functionality into your DayBack Calendar for Salesforce:

  1. Create meetings
    • Click a button to create a meeting, notify participants, and save meeting information into an extended description
  2. Delete meetings
    • Click a button to cancel the meeting without deleting the Even itself
  3. Start meetings
    • Click to start the meeting
  4. Drag and drop to reschedule
    • Automatically check for conflicts before scheduling a meeting

This extension works with any Salesforce Object as well as Google Calendar Events.

See it in action

Check out our blog post and video showcasing the features of our GoToMeeting integration:


FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Salesforce, Microsoft 365

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