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Set a different border color for individual events based on an event's Custom Field value, or some other custom condition that you define.
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This action lets you set a border color based on the value of an Event’s custom field. This can be helpful so that you can glace at your calendar and know exactly the type of events your team has on the schedule. There are three steps involved:

  1. Set up a custom field containing information that will determine the event’s border-color
  2. Create a style definition that should be applied to the event based on the value of your custom field
  3. Install the Custom App Action and define the list of values and related styles

In our example, we style our events based on the Reminder Type that is set by the user, but in your case, you could use a FileMaker or Salesforce field, or use a calculating field that changes the color of the event based on some other dynamic condition. 

See it in action

Check out our comprehensive walkthrough of how to use this app action to color your own events:

Add a Border Color based on a Custom Field


FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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