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Add a timezone selector to quickly switch the whole calendar to a different locale. Select a specific time zone, or automatically change timezones based on the user's current location.
Dates and Timezones

Switch Timezones on the Fly

This action adds a timezone selector to DayBack’s left-hand sidebar under the Settings menu. You can set it up to view events in a specific timezone, or to automatically set the timezone to the user’s current location. The current timezone will be displayed to the right of the date when the timezone configuration menu isn’t open. Your user can quickly change the timezone they’d like to view by selecting it in the dropdown. Here is a list of available timezones which you can configure for your dropdown.

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Check out our overview of enhanced timezone support:


FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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Additionally, you can create timezone tooltips when you hover over an event: