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Go to a specific bookmark when DayBack first opens. This can be set company-wide, by individual user, or by role to give each person the exact schedule view they need.
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Each Bookmark is a Story

You’ll have lots of stories you’re following in DayBack. Stories about your capacity, your volume, and your revenue. Bookmarks let you save the views and filters that best tell each story.

Bookmarks are a powerful way to jump to the view, status, and resource filters that your employees need when they first open DayBack.

Using this app action you can set up a default bookmark for each user.


See it in action

Check out our blog post and video on how to set up a company wide default bookmark, or a user-specific default bookmark:


FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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  • If you prefer to have the ability to quickly switch bookmarks at a click of a button. You can hook up your favorite bookmarks to a custom button menu.