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Shows a simple custom form when an individual clicks on an event. This can be used internally to gather information when an individual is scheduling an appointment. This feature can be used in public calendars to request information during appointment self-scheduling.
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Self-Scheduling: Custom Forms in Public Calendars

Show a simple wufoo form when a recipient clicks on an event. DayBack passes some event details into the form and then a receipt of the confirmation is sent to the recipient and the organizer. We use a wufoo form in this example since it’s simple: field validation and emailing are all handled by wufoo so the event action is pretty simple.

We’ve built a number of self-scheduling calendars for Salesforce customers in education and field-service: booking appointments with sales people, booking study-halls, reserving musical instruments, etc. DayBack is great at this when the availability of the appointment is constrained by facts in Salesforce. Please get in touch to learn more.


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FileMaker, Google, Mobile, Microsoft 365, Salesforce

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