15 Mar 2017

Publish and Share your Schedule


You can now easily publish and share schedules and project timelines with folks outside your organization.

The new “Bookmark/Share” menu in DayBack Calendar will create a public URL matching your view: shares can include events from multiple calendars and respect your filters. What you see is exactly what gets shared.

Publish Calendar Salesforce

And changes made in DayBack are automatically synced to that url so it stays up to date.

We love this new feature and are using it to publish our own schedules, including the agenda for our PauseOnError conference and our history of women’s suffrage timeline.


  • Share recipients don’t need a DayBack account (or a Salesforce account) to view your share. They just click on the url you’ve sent them, and they’re in.
  • Shares include DayBack-specific views like the horizon (gantt chart) and resource planning grids.
  • Share just part of your calendar: shares respect your filters.
  • Changes made inside DayBack Calendar are synced to the share in realtime. Manual updates will sync changes made outside of DayBack, including records that weren’t part of the original share.
  • You can create multiple shares from the same calendar, sharing just a filtered subset of your schedule.

More details are available in our documentation, including notes on how to restrict the creation of shares, and how to style your shared pages. Here’s a quick video of what sharing looks like in practice:


Get it now

Sharing works in all DayBack editions, not just DayBack for Salesforce (start a trial of 30-day DayBack in the AppExchange). Please check it out, share your plans, and get everyone on the same page.


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