12 Dec 2016

Breakout by Resource – balancing your workload

The latest in-app update to DayBack Calendar introduces “breakout” to Resource View. This lets you work at longer time scales (up to nine weeks at a time) while focussing on what’s scheduled for each resource.

Resources in DayBack can be your people, rooms, or pieces of equipment, and you balance your workload by dragging events from one resource to another.

Here’s a video of breakout in action:

The Latest

Recent updates to Breakout now let you breakout by Status and collapse individual breakout categories so you can focus on what’s important.

And the options to breakout by Status and Resource are now inside the Horizon menu itself:

Breakout Gantt Chart by Resource

You have access to a lot of resource scheduling options in DayBack in addition to Breakout View. Learn more and see some examples here:

Resource Scheduling in DayBack

And see how DayBack can make a big difference in your org:

DayBack Calendar for Salesforce

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