22 Nov 2019
Drag Resources Salesforce Calendar

Drag Resources & Statuses

The latest update to DayBack Calendar helps you organize your calendars by dragging resources (and resource folders) into the order that makes sense for you.

Sorting resources in DayBack Calendar for Salesforce

Note that the resource columns reflect your changes and appear in the same order as your resources in the sidebar.

Resources are people, trucks, rooms, or business processes–anything in your world that could get overscheduled.

You can drag statues (colors) the same way. Currently, you can’t drag items in and out of folders. Instead, click on the gear icon beside an item to select its folder. And if you’d like an item to be in more than one folder, create a second instance of the item by clicking “new resource” or “new status.”

Related Features:

Dragging resources and statuses is available for Salesforce, Google, and Basecamp calendars. It’s available for FileMaker sources using DayBack Online: in FileMaker client, resources are displayed on a layout, and developers can manipulate their sort order through their a value list.

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