10 May 2020
Timezone Support Salesforce Calendar

Enhanced Timezone Support

DayBack now lets you work with your schedule in a different timezone. The calendar has always respected timezones in those calendars that support it (Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Office 365). But this enhanced timezone support is great if you’re scheduling for folks in other cities: nobody wants to do timezone math in their head.

Here’s how it works:

And of course, you can still edit events and create a new one while you’re using DayBack in someone else’s timezone. Here’s the custom action used in the movie above: TimezoneSelector.js If you want to present a smaller number of possible timezones, you’ll find a list of valid timezones names here.

If you haven’t added a custom action to DayBack yet, here’s an overview along with some more examples of behaviors you can add to your calendar: Custom App Actions

Timezones are now scriptable

The action demonstrated above runs whenever the calendar loads, and that’s great when you want someone to be able to select timezones by hand. But the action also enables you to specify a timezone, and that can be used in other places, such as switching timezones when a user selects a specific calendar or when they select a resource located in another city.

Going further: changing timezones when you select resources

Here’s an example of changing timezones when users focus on a team in another state:

If that looks useful, here’s the custom action we used in that video: TimezonesByResourceFolder.js.zip

Note that the mapping between the names of the American states and their timezone is hardcoded into that action, but you could expand that and base the timezone on the result of a query to your Salesforce org, for example. We help customers write queries and actions like that as part of our (optional) implementation packages: please get in touch if you have an idea for an automation that would simplify scheduling for your team.


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