23 Jan 2017

Google Calendar Actions in Salesforce

A Scriptable Calendar

DayBack was designed so that Salesforce Admins and Developers could extend it. And one of the more versatile extensions are custom actions.

Actions can add buttons to your calendar events: buttons that modify your Salesforce records, trigger workflows, or trigger actions in 3rd party apps. Custom actions can also be triggered from calendar events like editing or deleting an event. Almost anything you can do in JavaScript can be done in a custom action. But you don’t need to be a JavaScript developer to write your own actions: we have lots of examples you can customize. (Need an action you don’t see in an example? Just ask.)

When it comes to Google, custom actions in DayBack let you script interactions between Salesforce and Google Calendar. Here are a couple examples, complete with the (very simple) JavaScript you’d need to add these to your own deployment of DayBack.

Example 1: Lookup Salesforce data into a Google Calendar Event

Many folks are creating shared Google Calendars based on data in their Salesforce orgs. Rather than copy information back and forth, custom actions can pull the information you need from Salesforce. In this example, we’ll ask Salesforce for the contact information belonging to any accounts in the city where this event is taking place:

Download the text for this custom action here:  AccountsByLocation.js

Example 2: Create a New Salesforce Record from a Google Calendar Event

Sometimes an event starts in Google Calendar but needs to be transferred to Salesforce where its outcome can be tracked and where you can take advantage of triggers and workflows. For example…

  • you may get a meeting request in Google that you want to link to an opportunity in Salesforce;
  • customers may book time on your public Google calendar and you want to convert confirmed appointments into Salesforce events.

DayBack lets you use Google Calendar inside Salesforce. That means you can add DayBack’s custom action buttons to Google Calendar events as well as to Salesforce events. With these custom actions you can pull information out of Google Calendar events and use it to create new Salesforce records. Here’s an example:

Download the text for this custom action here: CreateRecordFromEvent.js

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