02 Aug 2019

Long-Term Thinking for Calendars

Deadlines sneak up on us because we’re always focused just a week ahead of time. Our tools don’t help since most calendars keep deadlines off-screen until it’s too late. We need a calendar that can easily zoom out from your daily work to scan your horizon of deadlines, goals, and commitments.

Long-term thinking  is now available for Google Calendar and Salesforce.

DayBack helps you work at longer time scales, so deadlines don't sneak up on you. Click To Tweet

What is long-term?

It’s different for everyone. DayBack will easily slide from viewing a week, to a few months, to several years. It will also show inter-generational projects that can last for a hundred years. Or several hundred years.


To filter out the noise, DayBack withdraws repeating events from your view as your time scale gets larger. First hiding daily repetitions, then weekly and yearly ones as you start viewing several years at a time. Manual overrides let you control how this works as you may want repeating events to show up on these long views in some cases.

Long time scales are only available on DayBack’s horizon view.

These long-term views work great with calendar analytics, so you can quantify and compare what’s happening at meaningful ranges of time.

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