23 Mar 2020
Resource Scheduling

Reschedule Multiple Events at Once

Your calendar’s latest power-up: now select multiple events and reschedule them all at once. Here’s how it works…

Multiple-selection makes it easier to reschedule whole projects and to shift your plans from one day to another.

Do More

• Drag events to reschedule them or to change their resource or status.

• A single undo is available, making this great for trying out scenarios.

• Select events from any calendar source and across calendars: drag Google and Salesforce events in the same motion.

• Check out the documentation for more details.

Can I Automatically Link Events Together?

Yes, you can permanently link events together, instead of manually selecting them each time. For example, you can chain all the events for a project together so that date changes cascade through downstream events.

You’ll do this with a custom action that lets you define the criteria by which events are chained: all events for the same project or account, for example. Details are here: cascading events in DayBack Calendar.

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